How do I create my own JAVA Macro?

  1. Launch STAR-CCM+ and load simulation.
  2. Start Recording Macro via File -> Macro -> Start Recording
  3. Perform appropriate tasks you want the macro to perform (e.g. set stopping criteria).
  4. Stop Recording macro via File -> Macro -> Stop Recording
  5. Use editor of choice to make changes to the macro if required.
  6. Test macro after making changes via File -> Macro ->Play

How do I upload a JAVA Macro?

  1. Launch Macro Hut Message Boards.
  2. Navigate to Upload / Download Files.
  3. Click New Topic to create a place to store your file (Login required).
  4. Enter the title of your JAVA Macro in the Subject field.
  5. Enter a detailed description of your JAVA Macro in the body field.
  6. Select the Upload Attachment tab.
  7. Browse to the location of your file and enter a short comment.
  8. Click add the file to upload the file.
  9. Finally click submit to post your file to the boards.

How do I browse all available JAVA Macros?

  1. Launch Macro Hut Message Boards.
  2. Navigate to Upload / Download Files
  3. All available files will be shown in order of last updated.

What are the file type and file size restrictions?

  1. The prefered method of attachment is .tar or .zip archive however the following extensions are accepted: 7z ace bz2 gtar gz rar tar tgz zip and java as well as the majority of image types.
  2. The maximum file size permitted is 1 Megabyte.
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